How do I juice someone’s phone using my own handset?

-buy a juice card
-from your prepaid or contract line, dial 152 and listen to the instructions
-the system will ask you to enter the account number (which is the mobile) you want to juice up.
-enter the number starting with 733 and the last six digits (i.e. omitting the first zero) followed by the # key. E.g. if the number you want to juice up is 0733 123456 you will enter it as 733 123456#. If it is a valid prepaid line, the system will immediately tell you “ACCOUNT NUMBER ACCEPTED”.
-the system then prompts you to put in the recharge code (i.e. the recharge pin) and #.
-if the code is valid, you will be informed ‘code accepted’ and the amount credited to the account.
-you will also be told the resulting account balance.