Telecel Dream Number Promotion

Telecel Dream Number Promotion

Telecel's dream number promotion is giving away cash prizes, all you need to do is subscribe and if the last 6 numbers of your mobile are matched you win instanlty.

Terms And Conditions

1. The promotion runs from the 1st of March 2018
2. The promotion is open to all Telecel Go prepaid subscribers who are above 18 years of age and are holders of a valid ID or passport.
3. All Telecel employees, their immediate family (spouse & children) and the organization’s advertising agencies are not eligible to enter the promotion.
4. To enter into the promo customers need to send the word “PLAY” to 33445.
5. To opt out, subscribers need to send “UNSUB” to 33445.
6. By entering the competition, all participants agree that any participation in the promotion is subject to these terms and conditions.
7. The winners will be contacted by Telecel through the subscribed winning mobile number.
8. All cash prizes winners will be paid within 30 days of being notified and when all conditions are met and will be paid via Telecash.
9. Winners who are not registered on Telecash will have a maximum of 30 days (from the day of notification) to register failure of which the prize will be forfeited.
10. Airtime prizes are not transferable and the airtime prize may not be exchanged for cash amounts.
11. Airtime winners will receive an SMS notifying them of the amount they have won.
12. Airtime prizes will be paid within a maximum period of 14 days after the winner has been notified.
13. In the event that TELECEL establishes that a winner has fraudulently won a prize by engaging in practices that are generally considered to be unlawful, illegal, deceptive and/or corrupt under the laws of Zimbabwe, then TELECEL shall not pay the prize money to such a winner.
Telecel reserves the right to alter and/or cancel this promotion at their discretion.



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