Telecel Business

Telecel Business

Telecel Business Pricing Plan
 Data Monthly Subscription(incl VAT)  *closed user group telecel To telecel Calls All subscribers in Zimbabwe International(min) SMS (local) Data
telecel business 15 $17.25 450mins 60 mins 30 mins   - 15 15 MB
telecel business 30 $34.50 900mins 180 mins 60 mins   - 100 100 MB
telecel business 60 $69.00 1800mins 480 mins 180 mins 30 200 200 MB
telecel business 150 $172.50 3000mins 1000 mins 1000 mins 100 1000 1000 MB
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Terms and Conditions

Telecel business Terms and conditions

  1. Telecel Business is a package designed to meet the communication needs of SME’s, Corporates and institutions.
  2. The offer comes with 4 distinct packages namely Telecel Business 15, 30, 60 & 150.
  3. The packages are available on either pure postpaid or flexi option depending on the level of control and convenience needed.
  4. The pure postpaid option allows the subscriber to be billed for all their activity at the end of a billing period, usually a month.
  5. The flexi option is a hybrid plan that allows the subscriber to recharge their line should they deplete their monthly benefits awarded.
  6. Post-paid offers are subject to a Credit Approval process.
  7. All subscription fees are paid a month in advance.
  8. The minimum requirement to qualify for the package is 5 Closed User Group members.
  9. A Closed User Group is a group of subscribers that can only make and receive calls from members within the group. A subscriber may:
  • Be allowed to make calls outside of the Closed User Group with wallets outside the CUG being depleted.
  • Be allowed to receive calls from outside the Closed User Group
  1. The initial Contract Period will be 12 months.
  2. Each line will be awarded voice, SMS and Data benefits monthly at the start of each billing cycle.
  3. There is no carry-over of any remaining benefits into the following month.
  1. Standard rates as approved by the regulator apply on all local calls, data, and local SMSs made upon finishing the awarded benefits.
  2. Either Telecel or the customer shall have the right to terminate an agreement subject to any given notice period or any other terms and conditions as may be applicable. Telecel shall provide a customer with the necessary form or documentation for the initiation of the termination process.
  3. Full terms and conditions are contained on the contract form available as part of the application requirements.
  4. Usage outside the bundle is charged from  the core wallet: International voice and SMS, roaming and VAS. Upon exhausting core wallet subscribers on hybrid must recharge with scratch cards to continue using



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