Corporate Social Responsibility

Telecel Zimbabwe endeavours to keep the common good in mind in all its operations. It has made a major contribution to Zimbabwean society by bringing down the cost of mobile phones and phone lines, making mobile communication accessible and affordable for almost everyone.

It also assists a number of orgnaisations that provide services to disadvantaged children and adults.

In common with Telecel companies in other countries in Africa, its programme of assistance to those in need focuses chiefly on educational establishments. Where possible, it tries to fund specific projects that are sustainble.

Jairos Jiri Children's Centre in Waterfalls, Harare Jairos Jiri Children's Centre

It currently provides asistance to:

  • Jairos Jiri Children's Centre in Waterfalls, Harare
  • Ruvimbo School in Southerton, Harare
  • Shungu dzeVana Trust
  • Sibantubanye Special School in Bulawayo
  • Bumhudzo Old People's Home in Chitungwiza
  • Makoni Old People's Home in Rusape
  • Batanai Old People's Home in Gweru
  • Sibantubanye Old People's Home in Bulawayo
  • Sakubva Old People's Home in Mutare

Ruvimbo School in Southerton, Harare

Ruvimbo School

Telecel has been providing donations to these institutions for some time. However, in line with the common continental thrust of Telecel corporate social responsibiity programmes, it expects to channel most of its donations in future almost entirely to the educational sector, with particular emphasis on funding educational programmes for disadvantaged children.

Telecel also provides ad hoc donations from time to time when particular emergencies or cases of special or desperate need arise.

The donations Telecel provides to the Jairos Jiri Children's Centre in Waterfalls has enabled the centre to develop small chicken breeding projects and install a grinding mill, which is used to generate cash by charging people from the neighbourhood for grinding their maize. In this way, the funds provided by Telecel are helping the centre to generate further funds for the benefit of the 43 physically challenged and 25 able-bodied children attending school at the centre.

Ruvimbo School, which caters for children who are mentally challenged and in many cases physically chalenged as well, has used the quarterly financial assistance provided by Telecel Zimbabwe for the operation and maintenance of the centre and its 32-seater bus. The bus is important to the school, as most of the children rely on it to take them from home to school and back again. Because of the nature of their handicaps, the bus is the only means that most of these children have of coming to school.

Money donated to the Shungu dzeVana Trust helps the trust pays school fees for children whose parents would otherwise be unable to send them to school. Telecel provides the trust with a grant, which is disbursed on a quarterly basis.

Sibantubanye Special School caters for children between the ages of six and 18 with conditions such as Down's syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism and epilepsy. It has an enrolment of 53 children from Bulawayo's western suburbs.

All of the establishments for the elderly that Telecel assists have been receiving quarterly grants from Telecel.


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