Telecel Go

NEWS RELEASE:10 April 2014

Telecel Go removes boundaries, reduces cost of calls to all networks

Telecel has launched a new pre-paid service platform called Telecel Go, which removes the boundaries between networks and reduces the cost of calls across all networks significantly below the regulatory standard charge.

There is a choice of two plans. Telecel Go Juic’r, which provides a standard low rate of 15 cents per minute to all networks no matter when you call, and Telecel Go Flexi, which has per minute charges of 19 cents, 11 cents and 9 cents to all networks, depending on whether you make your call during the day or at night.

All calls are charged per second giving customers the maximum convenience and the best guaranteed rate. Data and SMS charges, at 11 cents and 9 cents respectively, are the same for both plans.

Charges can be further reduced through purchasing voice bundles and SMS bundles, which can be used across all networks. Data bundles and international voice bundles can also be purchased. This is done through dialing the normal short codes.

Telecel is known for reducing charges and making services ever more affordable for its subscribers. It has done this in the past through various promotions, which have made it possible for subscribers to make calls at below the standard charge set by the Posts and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ).

Generally, such promotions have reduced the cost of Telecel-to-Telecel calls. With Telecel Go, Telecel has become the first network to voluntarily reduce its tariffs to below the standard charge set by the regulator, and has become the first network to apply this reduced rate across all networks allowing its customers to enjoy the benefit on all calls and messages.

Ever since Telecel slashed the price of its SIM cards in 2010, it has led the way in making mobile telecommunications ever more affordable for everyone. When it rebranded in 2012, it made innovation, simplicity and offering the best value for money, its core values.

Telecel Go is innovative, simple and certainly offers the best value for money. Subscribers simply have to dial *737# and choose which package they wish to go for.

With these rates, one is able to get a guaranteed six minutes from a dollar on Telecel Go Juic’r plan and up to 10 minutes per dollar on the Telecel Go Flexi plan to call anyone on any network.

With Telecel Go, customers on both plans can buy bundles that offer a guaranteed 10 minutes for one dollar for calls to all networks. The calls bundles are charged per second.

Voice bundles, which can be accessed by dialling *146#, range in price from $1 to $10, with the minute rate going from 10 cents down to as low as 8,3 cents to all networks.



SMS bundles, which are accessed by dialling *404#, range in price from 25 cents for 25 SMSs to any network to $1.50 for a huge 450 SMSs.

Dialling *144# gives one access to data bundles ranging in price from 10MBs for only 50 cents to 1,5  GB for only $30.

In all cases the effective rate goes down with the purchase of bigger bundles.

Telecel Zimbabwe marketing director Octivius Kahiya pointed out that Telecel Go offers the best guaranteed value on the market.

“We are excited to be able to offer our subscribers the lowest tariffs for mobile calls on the market and to have been able to break out of the straightjacket of standard charges and of restricting the benefits of low cost calls to calls on our own network.

“Our pre-paid subscribers can now make calls to anyone on any network at the same lowest guaranteed rate,” he said.

Telecel Chief Commercial Officer, Ashraf Elguindy added: “Now all Telecel products promote benefits across all networks. Telecel customers are the only customers able to transfer funds through telecash to all networks and the only ones able to enjoy the best voice rates across all networks in the country.

“Effectively, our calling circle is extended to more than 10 000 000 mobile users and our rates are guaranteed all day long every day,” he said.

Existing Telecel prepaid users can join the new plans by simply dialling *737# and choose the package of their choice. The launch of the new plans brings modification to the existing Telecel Mega Bonus Reloaded, where existing customers can still benefit from 50% bonus airtime to call across networks but the bonus SMS and data will no longer be available.


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