ZESA pre-paid tokens available on Telecash

NEWS RELEASE :15 December 2016

ZESA pre-paid tokens now available on Telecash

Telecash, Telecel’s mobile financial service, now offers its customers the option of buying ZESA prepaid electricity directly on its financial services platform.

Registered Telecash customers will now be able to buy prepaid electricity directly using Telecash by simply dialling *888# and following the menu prompts that follow, the mobile company has revealed in a statement.

The mobile company in its announcement says the customers’ ability to pay directly for ZESA electricity will improve the ease and the overall experience of buying electricity tokens while using the mobile financial service, anywhere and at any time of the day.

“Telecel is very excited to be finally able to offer the option to pay ZESA electricity bills directly on the Telecash menu for our customers. Our customers now simply dial *888# which has become a one stop shop for their convenience and once they have accessed the menu they simply follow the prompts to purchase the ZESA prepaid tokens,” said Telecel’s Head of Mobile Financial Services, Violet Masunda.

“The addition of ZESA prepaid tokens under the Telecash menu increases the number of payments, purchases and transactions that can be carried out from the phone which we believe is what customers are looking for in a mobile financial platform like Telecash.”

“The importance of using alternative payment methods such as mobile and plastic money cannot be overstated at a time when the majority of our customers, along with the majority of Zimbabweans, are finding it difficult to access cash. The addition of ZESA prepaid tokens, along with the other bill payment options as well as the Telecash debit Gold card, are innovations that will make the lives of our customers easier,” Mrs Masunda said.

The ZESA prepaid payment option on the Telecash platform also allows Telecash subscribers to buy electricity for someone else as long as the customer knows the prepaid meter number of that third party. Only registered subscribers will be able to buy pre-paid electricity tokens using Telecash.

Telecash had been offering ZESA pre-paid tokens through third party service providers before the announcement that ZESA pre-paid tokens are now available directly under the *888# Telecash Menu.


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