telecash FAQs

1. What is telecash?

telecash is a service offered by telecel Zimbabwe whereby mobile phone users deposit money (physical cash) through an agent, bank, or telecel shop into a telecash account. This money then becomes electronic money (e-money), which customers can then transfer electronically to other mobile phone users without visiting any bank. Services enjoyed by telecash customers include person to person money transfer, buying prepaid airtime for yourself and other telecel subscribers, paying for groceries, payment of your DStv subscriptions, paying your ZESA and City Council bills among other services.

2. Can I transact on telecash without a bank account?

telecash allows you to conduct financial transactions without the need to have a bank account.

3. Do I need to maintain a minimum amount in my telecash account?

No. Your telecash account does not require you to maintain any minimum balance. You can fund your account according to the transactions you want to perform.

4. Are there any monthly charges on my telecash account?

No, you are only charged for the transactions you have initiated.

5. If I already have a bank account, can I access it using telecash?

Yes, if your bank is linked to ZimSwitch, you can only access your bank account through telecash when you want to transfer money from your telecash account to your bank account. Transferring money from your bank account to your telecash account is done through your bank’s mobile banking.

6. What is a PIN?

The PIN (Personal Identification Number) is the key to your telecash account and it will be necessary every time you want to perform a transaction on telecash. We recommend that you memorize it so that you keep it secret. Never share it with anyone.   You should never give up your PIN to an agent, telecel personnel or anyone else. Your PIN is yours and yours alone.

7. Can I convert my telecel airtime and use it to top up my telecash account

No. Your telecash account is completely separate from your telecel airtime. You cannot buy telecash value using airtime. However, you can use your telecash value to buy telecel prepaid airtime for your own or another telecel subscriber’s phone. telecel subscribers do not need to be registered for telecash to receive airtime from you.

8. Can I use telecash to top up a NetOne/Econet number?

No. At present, you can only buy prepaid airtime for telecel numbers. However, you can send money to an Econet/NetOne subscriber.

9. What services are available on telecash?

• Deposit money/Cash-In

• Withdraw money/ Cash Out

• Transfer (send) money to another telecash customer

• Send money to any mobile number e.g. NetOne, Econet and telecel

• Buy telecel prepaid airtime for yourself and other telecel subscribers

• Check your account balance

• Check your account history

• Change your PIN number

• Pay Merchants for goods and services

• Pay bill (DStv, ZESA, City Council, etc.)

• Transfer money from your telecash account to your bank account.

• Send money to any bank account for banks that are on ZimSwitch ZIPIT facility.

10. How do I register for telecash?

•If you are already a telecel customer, visit any telecash authorized agent or telecel shop/branch to complete and sign an application form (a copy of ID and the originals are also required).

•If you are not a telecel subscriber, you will have to purchase a telecel line and register at any authorized telecash agent/telecel shop or branch.

•In the case of children below 18 years, the guardian must sign the form and attach his/her copy of ID.

Agent Information

11. What documents do I need to have in order to register?

•You should take your cellphone and your national ID plus a photocopy of the ID.

•You need to register in person. No one can register on your behalf and you cannot register on behalf of someone else.

•When you have registered for telecash, you will need to activate your account through a simple activation process.

12. What are the benefits of using telecash?

• telecash is competitively priced.

• It is easy and simple to use. Anyone can transact on telecash.

• telecash is secure, fast and gives you the convenience to transact any time of the day.

13. How does telecash work?

•To load money into your telecash account you need to go to a telecash agent and make a cash deposit/Cash In. The telecash agent will transfer electronic money into your telecash account (Both you and the agent will receive an SMS confirmation of the transaction on your mobile phones).You can now perform any of the telecash transactions mentioned above.

•To withdraw cash/ Cash out from your telecash account, you need to go to a telecash agent and make an electronic transfer to the agent who will in turn give you cash.

14. Does telecash work across networks?

YES, a registered telecash customer can send money to any mobile number across all networks. The person you are sending money to does not need to have a telecash account or be a telecel subscriber. However, only telecel customers can register for telecash.

The telecash service is cheaper if you send money to a registered telecash customer.

15. Is the process of sending money different when the receiver is not registered for telecash?

No. The process of sending money is the same when sending to both registered and unregistered subscribers. However, when you send money to an unregistered subscriber you are supposed to also send them the secret code for the transaction that you will receive through SMS. They will need it when they cash out the money at an agent.

16. What are the advantages of being a telecash customer?

A customer who has registered for telecash at an authorized telecash agent is able to carry out all the services described above.

An unregistered customer can only get the cash sent to him/her but cannot carry out other telecash transactions.

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