Dial 335 or SMS "SUB" to 33533 to subscribe and get your Teletunes codes for the song you want. Teletunes allows you to choose a song to replace the traditional ringing tone that callers to your mobile will hear while they are waiting for you to answer. Callers dialling you will not be charged until the phone is answered.

Teletunes Terms and Conditions
  1. Teletunes is service that allows a subscriber to choose a tune that their caller will hear while they wait for the call to be picked
  2. There are various categories of tunes and songs available for the subscribers to choose from but the list keeps changing as content is refreshed
  3. The prices for purchasing a song are currently as follows but subject to review:-

-          $1 for one month

-          80 cents for 3 weeks

-          60 cents for 2 weeks

-          35 cents for 1 week

  1. Normal call charges as approved by the regulator prevail depending on the package you are on at the time of subscription
  2. SMS are charged at 15 cents per SMS.
  3. Renewal of the service is automatic unless the subscriber specifically opts out of the service
  4. To opt into the service, please dial 335 and follow voice instructions or SMS SUB to 33533
  5. To opt out, dial 335 and follow voice instructions or SMS UNSUB to 33533.
  6. When you call someone with a teletune, normal billing only starts when they answer your call

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