The MegaBoost combo package gives you an affordable and convenient way to connect

The MegaBoost combo package offers on-net and off-net voice minutes, Whatsapp, data, Facebook and SMS benefits depending on the value of the combo package you choose. MegaBoost comes in five different price points $100, $200, $400, $700 and $1400. The combo packages have different validity periods ranging from 48 hours for the $100 bundle all the way up to 30 days
Terms And Conditions
  1. The MegaBoost bundles can be accessed by Telecel Go subscribers only.
  2. The bundles can be accessed via USSD by dialing the code *480# as well as on the SMS platform by sending the letter ‘W’ to 33480.
  3. Megaboost product shape is as follows;

 Table 1.0 Mega Boost Product Shape

Bundle Price (ZWL) On-net (Min) Off-net (Min) SMS WhatsApp (MB) Facebook (MB) Data Allocation (MB)
$810.00 10  - 30 30 MB 20 15 MB
$1,700.00 15  5 60 60 MB 40 MB 30 MB
$2,700.00 30 10 100 100 MB 100 MB 100 MB
$4,200.00 60 20 200 200 MB 200 MB 200 MB
$8,200.00 150 40 350 400 MB  400 MB 400 MB


*FUP Applies after this is surpassed the bundle will be throttled to allow text-only: subscribers will not be able to send or download media files. (images, audio clips, videos) 

  1. All voice benefits (on-net & off-net) charge per second.
  2. All bundles have a Usage cap, refer to Table 1.0
  3. Usage outside the bundle will be billed at the approved POTRAZ charges.
  4. Subscription for Mega Boost will be from the core wallet only.
  5. Subscriber will be able to purchase consecutive Mega-Boost packages and the following will occur.
    ⦁ Voice and SMS benefits will accumulate.
    ⦁ For WhatsApp bundle allocations, the bundle with the higher data allocation will apply.
    ⦁ Validity periods: The bundle with the longest validity will apply.
  6. A subscriber with a Mega-boost bundle can purchase a separate Voice, Data and SMS on top of the Mega-Boost package and vice versa.
  7. All voice bundles have priority over Mega-Chat bundle benefits since they have shorter validity periods.



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