Monthly Data Bundles


Telecel monthly Data bundles give you affordable data access with a longer validity period.


The benefits


Telecel's Monthly Data bundles give you discounted data rates that have longer validity period of 30 days. Longer validity periods offered by the Monthly data bundles allow you to have more control of your data utilization. 

To subscribe to Telecel's Monthly data bundles simply dial *470# and select the Monthly Data bundle option from the USSD menu or alternatively use the Telecel mobile app subscribe.  After successfully subscribing you can start accessing your data benefits immediately.

Remember you can also share your data with friends and family through Telecel's data share service accessible when you dial *444#. 


Bundle  Amount  MB
Monthly data $20.00 300
Monthly data $45.00 750
Monthly data $150.00 2800
Monthly data $200.00 4096
Terms and Conditions
  1. The monthly data bundles start date is 15 Aug 2018.

  2. The promotion applies to all Telecel subscribers.

  3. To subscribe to the monthly data bundles subscribers should dial either *470#  and follow the prompts thereafter.

  4. Subscribers can buy multiple bundles at the same time.

  5. Subscribers can purchase monthly data bundles using their core wallet airtime balance or using Telecash.

  6. Telecel subscribers are able to buy monthly data bundles for their mobile number or for any other Telecel mobile number.

  7. Subscribers are able to share their monthly data with other users through the Data Gifting Service available on the *470# menu.

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