Improved Mega Bonus


Telecel now gives you full control with the Improved Mega Bonus

The benefits


With telecel's Improved Mega Bonus you can now use your 100% Mega Bonus for data, SMS and voice calls across all local networks thus giving you full control.


How to qualify for the Improved Mega Bonus..

You automatically benefit from telecel's Improved Mega Bonus when you recharge your telecel line and receive 100% on the value you recharge.

Terms and Conditions
  1. The Improved Mega Bonus benefits apply to all prepaid subscribers on Telecel Go platform. 

  2. The Improved Mega Bonus now replaces the old 100% Mega Bonus offer.

  3. Subscribers will receive 100% bonus benefits for each recharge made, the bonus allocated can be used for voice (on-net & off-net), SMS & data.

  4. To qualify, the recharge made must be at least $1 and above.

Recharge denomination Bonus Benefit Validity
Scratch Cards Telecash and E-juice
$1 $1 $1.50 1 days
$2 $2 $3.00 2 days
$5 $5 $7.50 4 days
$10 $10 $15.00 7 days
$20 $20 $30.00 10 days
  1. Each subscriber will receive the set of benefits specified above for each recharge they make using either scratch cards, e-juice or TeleCash platform.

  2. Subscribers who recharge via E-Juice & TeleCash will receive an added bonus compared to scratch card recharges.

Charging & Tariff for free bonus benefits
Benefit Tariff Billing Pulse Billing Priority
Voice On-net $0.20 Per minute After core wallet 
Voice Off-net $0.50 Per minute After core wallet
Data $0.20 64kb After core wallet
SMS $0.10 Per unit After core wallet
  1. The Improved Mega Bonus benefits are to be received instantly upon each successful recharge.
  2. The Improved Mega Bonus benefits will deplete after the core wallet.
  3. All voice, SMS & data bundles have priority over the Improved Mega Bonus benefits.
  4. Benefits will accrue when consecutive recharges are made successfully.



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