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Funda is an affordable data & voice combo e-learning package for universities, colleges, and schools enabling institutions to work, teach, and share content online.

The Telecel FUNDA package offers the following:

1. CUG (closed user group) Minutes – Onnet minutes that are awarded to the subscriber make and receive calls from any member associated within the subscriber's group.

2. Data – a monthly allocation to each subscriber at an average price point of ZWL1.68 cents per MB.

Tariff Plan

FUNDA LITE.        $12,500     

FUNDA STANDARD.    $24,500   

FUNDA HEAVY.   $  330


100 (CUG) Mins 250 (CUG) Mins 500 (CUG) Mins 1000 (CUG) Mins
5 GB (data) 10 GB (data) 20 GB (data) 40 GB (data)

Terms and conditions

1.            Telecel Funda package shall only be available to schools or colleges within Zimbabwe.

2.            Telecel shall have a signed contract with the school for the provision of the Funda package.

3.            Each school will be required to order a minimum number of 30 lines to be able to access the Funda package.

4.            Each school shall pay on behalf of its students/teachers/employees and collect money from parents or SDA.

5.            Applications to sign up on the package will be done via the Telecel Credit control department. The turnaround time for vetting of application is 48 hours

6.            Application requirements shall be as follows:

  • Filled in the application form
  • Application letter from the school head/principal (stamped and signed on a letterhead)
  • School license to operate as issued by the relevant ministry and proof of income.

7.            The first rental is payable at sign up of the contract.

8.            Subsequent rentals are due on the 5th of every month.

9.            Amounts due not paid by the 5th of the month will be suspended.

10.          A line will be disconnected if a bill remains unpaid for 30days.

If a line is disconnected, the remaining airtime will go towards the unpaid bills. If a line is disconnected due to a customer voluntarily terminating the contract, after the contract period, the remaining core airtime may be refunded after all outstanding amounts have been cleared (including early termination penalties where applicable). Any refund shall be done through a process set and managed by Credit Control

In order to restore usage of your account, you may make a payment through any of our payment channels

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