Happy Day Data Bundles


Telecel's Happy Day Data Bundles give you affordable data bundles that allow you to access amazing data rates valid for 24 hours

Telecel's Happy day data bundles give you access to affordable data bundles that allow you to download more and browse the internet for longer. Happy day data bundles start from as little as $2.00 that gives you 35MB of data and 4.00 that gives you 80MB of data all valid for 24 hours. The Happy Day Data bundles allow heavy internet users who want to download huge files on the internet or stream videos or music online to do so affordably.

Terms and Conditions
  1. The service starts on 31 March 2016 and end TBA

  2. The promotion applies to the following classes of service:

    • Telcos
    • WiFi
    • GPRS Modem
    • Staff Prepaid
  3. Subscription to bundles will be via USSD *470#

  4. Pre-paid subscribers cannot subscribe to multiple bundle at the same time.

  5. Subscribers can only purchase another bundle upon depletion or expiry of current bundle.

  6. Daily data bundle shall be usable over a period of 24hrs only.

  7. Daily data bundle can be used at any time of the day

  8. Tariffs of all items not listed in the offer summary shall remain as they are in the subscribers existing price plan.

  9. Subscription payment shall be from main account only.

  10. Bonus accounts cannot be used for the purposes of subscribing to the daily data plan.

  11. The bundles are charged as follows:- 

    Bundle Amount MB
    Daily Data  $2.00 35
    Daily Data $4.00 80
    Daily Data  $10.00 350
    Daily Data $15.00 700


  1. All bundle prices are inclusive of VAT.
  2. Bundles expire after validity period after whichh subscriber will not be able to browse using the day bundles and will be charged from PPU at 0.12/MB or from alternative data wallet.
  3. Validity of bundles is counted from the date and time of purchase.
  4. Bundle subscription transactions are irreversible
  5. Normal data roaming rates will apply to roaming subcribers using the bundles outside Zimbabwe.
  6. Telecel reserves the right to use appropriate traffic shaping or throttling measures to manage data usage in a manner that protects the network platform and its subscribers.
  7. Telecel reserves the right to replace, amend or withdraw at any time:-
    1. any of the bundles (in whole or in part)
    2. the charges for the bundles
    3. these current terms and conditions
    4. the tenure of this promotion
  8. If any of the terms and conditions are changed, notices will be made on the Telecel website.
  9. If you continue to use the bundles after the date on which a new change to the service comes into effect, your use of the bundles indicates that you have agreed to the changed terms & conditions.

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