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Service Description

Telecel shall provide corporate APN’s upon request that are typically set up to establish a gateway and terminate their traffic onto a customer’s network. Once a corporate user has established a connection on the corporate APN, the mobile device will be able to exchange data with the customer’s corporate network.

Terms and Conditions

To facilitate this, the following requirements have to be in place:

  1. Client must have Telecel Lines - To be able to connect over the Telecel network, the client must use Telecel lines as these will be configured as per client’s requirements.
  2. Client must establish a point of presence - To be able to connect with the client network, the client’s network and Telecel network must appear within the same broadcast domain.
  3. To enable this, client must engage a Service provider (preferably Telone and Liquid) to provide an up-link with Telecel.
  4. Corporates will receive no data benefit but will be charged at a special rate of 0.18/MB.
  5. For the creation of the APN, a once off fee of $ZWL 5,000 will be charged.
  6. Telecel will also provide maintenance and support on monthly basis and this will be charged $ZWL 500 per month.

Features and Benefits

a) Private APNs ensures businss continuity through a secure remote access.
b) Security – Subscribers that are connected via a private APN are only visible to other devices on the same APN. This makes APNs a superior solution in terms of data security when compared to using the public internet APN or any other shared internet access.
c) Cost effectiveness – APNs offers a cost effective mobile VPN solution due to the ability to aggregate usage as well as the competitive data pricing.
d) National Coverage – Where ever there is Telecel coverage you can work – giving the national access flexibilty
e) The private APNs can be created both for P2P (peer to peer – where devices are connected to each other via the internet) and M2M (machine to machine – direct communication between devices using any communications channel)

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