Telecel offers voice bundles that allow you to call any local numbers affordably.  All you need to do is juice up and dial *146# to buy a bundle of your choice. Our bundles start from $60 for 8 minutes valid for 24 hours up to $500 for 80 minutes of talk-time valid for 5 days

Voice Bundles Terms and Conditions
  1. The Telecel Go Cross-net Voice Bundles are a calling plan that will allow subscribers to make national calls to any local destination at reduced rates.
  2. The service is available to all subscribers on the Telecel Go prepaid platform.
  3. To purchase the Telecel Go Cross-net Voice Bundles, subscribers should dial *146# and choose either the $60, $120, $250 or $500 bundle
  4.  Telecel Go CVBs  validity is as follows:


 Price  Minutes  Validity (days)
 $275  8  1
 $595  18  2
 $1,150  35  3
 $2,470  80  5


  1. To check the balance for your CVBs, dial *146#.
  2. Billing pulse for all Telecel Go CVBs is per 30 seconds.
  3. When the purchased bundle is exhausted and the subscriber does not buy additional minutes, he or she will be charged at the normal out-of-bundle rate of ZWL9.87/min for on-net & ZWL9.54 for off-net calls.
  4. Telecel Go CVBs will have priority in terms of depletion, followed by the Megaboost bundle and then core wallet.
  5. In the event that a subscriber purchases a CVB voice bundle, cross-net mega bonus minutes equivalent to the bundle will be forfeited.

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